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Welcome to Mauritius

Mauritius is a small pearl in the Indian Ocean. What can you expect diving in this paradise?

The continuous stretch of coral reefs around the island has not only blessed Mauritius diving with beautiful beaches but also offers great diving sites. Currently there are 23 diving centres in the island, registered with the Mauritian Scuba Diving Association (MSDA).

The 330 km long coastline is surrounded and protected by coral reef thus creating a magnificent turquoise lagoon. The turquoise water of the island provide home to about 430 different underwater creatures including fishes and along with it there are 200 different spices of coral which makes retreat for all the scuba diving lovers. Some of the other uncommon water bodies you may spot when scuba diving in Mauritius include Tuna, Wahoo and Marlin. Wide range of corals and marine life, the water temperature makes a perfect match.

The temperature of water can range from 28 degree centigrade in summer ad it winters it is 21 degree centigrade which is a pretty good temperature to pursue diving. Even though Mauritius is an evergreen scuba diving destination, the months of summer are considered the best time for this particular water sport activity. This is so because in the summer season, the warm water attracts an abundance of fish and marine life. Persons going for diving during this particular period an easily catch sight of exotic fishes that include parrot fish, groupers, wrasses, sweetlips, angelfish, sergeant majors, trumpet and clown fish, moray eels, crayfish along with a wide variety of corals, sponges and sea anemones.

Wondering what kind of experience awaits you? Mark Twain, the famous American author, said it all:
" gather idea that Mauritius was made first, and then heaven; and that heaven was copied after Mauritius."

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Dive sites Belle Mare

Dive sites

Welcome to the undersea world of Divetime on the beautiful island of Mauritius.

Discover our varieties of diving packages, diving courses and dive safari expeditions offered at Belle Mare at the East coast of the tropical paradise Mauritius. Both beginners and certified divers can be sure to enjoy various diving activities in perfect conditions.

Discover our dive safari expeditions offered in the North of Mauritius or join Divetime Mauritius for a night diving experience.

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